Thursday, December 14, 2017

Results for Python submissions for Collatz Series

Hi Team!

Tonight I am sharing the results for the Python entries for the coding challenge.  I have not had time to go through them to write a critique on what each one does well or needs to improve on.  Instead, I’d like to see two different things happen.

First, look at the code.  See if you can identify the things that make any of the programs run faster or slower than the other codes.  There is a reason why the fastest code ran almost two and a half times faster than the second fastest, and the second fastest 20% faster than the third. Why?

The second thing I’d like to see, is if you can take any of these and make them run faster than the current fastest code.  As we saw last week, we had a program that ran and got the answer in three hours and fifteen minutes, but with a few minor tweaks, it ran in just over five-seconds and got the same correct result.  Optimizing your code is like getting a massive upgrade for your computer.  It is an essential skill that we all need.

Without further delay, here’s the comparison of running times for all of the Python programs:


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