Wednesday, October 25, 2017

No Off-Site This Week

Hi Team!

Sorry for the late notice, but we won’t be holding the Thursday offsite meeting this week.  Please spread the word to others, as not everyone is plugged in to their e-mail.

That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to do.  I hope that you have been able to poke at 2018 FRC LabVIEW to get more familiar with it.  As I mentioned before, you can learn how to use it better by re-doing some of the programs from the programming challenges.

One of the problems we had with the beta software was missing VI’s for the Talons and the NavX.  CTRE has released a new version of their installer package (v. that should install the VI’s in the correct place.  There may still be issues due to renaming, but at least the VI’s should now be findable.  Kaui Labs has not released a version of their software through the beta program, so their VI’s will have to be installed from their publicly available package.

Other helpful links:

Sourctree for handling our git repository

All of our code repositories.  E-mail me if you are ready for commit privileges on the server.

And lastly, please remember that the team’s Quarter Auction fund raiser is this weekend.  Mrs. E. has some exciting news that she has to tell all of you about in person.

— Len

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